July 26, 2009

View From A Train

I took these photos when I was on a trip to Jakarta by train, I didn't know exacly where I was, but it had to be somewhere in Labuhan, Center Java.

she is my youngest sister

Do you believe I took these photos without came out from the train? I just saw itu through my window.

June 13, 2009

the lake before the "child" came up and covered it all up

Mt. Kelud (Kediri, East Java)

this tunnel is very dark and long, there's no lightning at all, you won't see the people that come on you way, so I have to use the flashlight of the camera

the background is the new mountain of kelud or we call it "anak gunung kelud" (kelud's child)

it covered up all the place that the lake was

May 31, 2009

Another photos of Bromo

beautiful hills

sulphur smoke attack

May 24, 2009



stairs up to the crater

Mt. Batok

Mt. Bromo surrounded by desert

me, my husband and friends at foot of Mt.Bromo

May 23, 2009

TRIP TO JOGJA First day, Friday 27 March 2009

I wake up at 04.30 am, take shower at 5 am, at 6 am we go to Station Gubeng at Surabaya. Destination : Jogja. We take a train trip to Jogja by Sancaka Pagi (morning) the departure is at 7.00 am and the arrival is 12.30 pm at Statiun Tugu, Jogjakarta.
Why do we take a train trip? because it's cheap. In the holiday season business class price Rp 80.000 ($ 6), in regular season it's only Rp 55.000 ($ 4.5). And we can enjoy the scenery more than take a plane trip (if you're in a hurry) if you're not, I suggest take the train! In the morning because, the air is still fresh, clean and when you arrive you can still do everything, maybe find hotels, rent a car or motorcycle or just take a walk on Malioboro street..
FYI : there are 2 kinds of Sancaka train, Sancaka Pagi (morning) and Sancaka Sore (afternoon). The Sancaka sore departure's at 16.00 and arrive at 21.30.
  • Make sure that your cellphone is fully-charged and put it along with your wallet on the place that is easly to look at. My dad's cellphone is left behind on the top of washing machine while is being charged.
  • Vehicle fee (at the station), motorcycle :Rp 1000, car : Rp 1500-2000 (?), if your vehicle have to overstay, motorcycle : Rp 5000/day, car : ???, maybe some of you know...

Bring little snacks, and a bottle of water or Pocari Sweat but don't drink frequently because you will have to go to toilet frequently too, that's OK actually but the train's toilet is not like the plane's that more hygienic..don't forget toilet paper or toilet tissue (roll)

  • Do not buy toiletries, snacks, drinks that sold by the trader at the station, on the street or in any public places if you’re not in emergency situation like dehydration because they sell more expensive, so I suggest you to buy those needs in minimarkets such as Alfamart, Indomart, Circle K, etc, it is cheaper Rp 1000-2000 difference.

Finally..we arrive in Jogjakarta at Station Tugu, its place is in front of Malioboro street, so from the station you can walk through the street and you’ll find many hotels from high rates, medium and low rates or you can also ride “becak” and they will help you find the hotels that you want to stay in, with the rates you like. Becak will cost you Rp 6000 per ride, so if you ask them 3 times, for example from hotel A, you go to place B then go to market C, they will cost you Rp 18000.

  • I suggest you would better rent a motorcycle if you want to go to many places when it is too far to walk through
  • Near Station Tugu there are motorcycle rentals, you have to put DP (down payment) and your ID as the guarantee, the DP is usually Rp 500.000-Rp 1.500.000, and its rent costs Rp 50.000 per day with the helmet
  • Another advice when you're shopping in Malioboro or other places that can be bargained is always bargain until half price from the trader sell, IF you're really WANT the stuff..IF you're NOT really want it..DON'T BARGAIN, or they will be angry.

        For example the price is Rp 50000, then you bargain Rp 20000 or 25000, the trader refuse         it, he wants 40000, but you're still want your price, leave him...if he needs you, he will         call you back and he will low the price maybe at 25000 or 30000.

The Borobudur Temple

this is the favorite angle for taking picture

the stairs are thousands to climb and it so high in slope

Each terrace has beautiful relief panels showing how skillful the sculptors were. In order to understand the sequence of the stories on the relief panels, you have to walk clockwise from the entrance of the temple. The relief panels tell the legendary story of Ramayana.